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Flattery will get you nowhere

I dont know why my deskmate always yelling this sentence along the way to the lab. I think that he has a bad day with someone who is always flattering at him. “Flattery will get you nowhere” is a humorous idiom, something that you say to someone in order to tell them that their praise will not persuade you to do anything that you do not want to do. In my place, a lot of people always give a praise to another in order to get something from them. Moreover there is a book that teach how to praise your boss in order to have a promotion. Honestly i dont like to flatter someone without reason. Only someone who help me without ask will get my praise.


About Imelwa

So what the hell is imelwa. Is it somekind of food, serial-killer, or hard-rock indie label band? According to this website, imelwa come from Setswana language. Its meaning is some kind of “burden”. For your information, Tswana (Setswana) is a Bantu language written in the Latin Alphabet. Tswana is the national and majority language of Botswana, whose people are the Batswana (singular Motswana). So, is there any relationship between me and botswana’s girl? It is absolutely no!

The word imelwa just came into my head when i was young talented student. In my campus, the students must to have an email to deliver information between them. Altough i am already have email address on and but i think i need to use a global email address such as yahoo. So for the first time, i decide to use simple and ear-catching name : imelwa. Imelwa stands for imel-wahyu (imel is indonesian pronounciation of email). Maybe its look very “girly”, but i enjoyed using imelwa as my identity. Lately my friend also call me imelwa, and moreover some of them do not know my surename??

Is hard to say i am sorry

I seldom watching television, but today i find an exciting program called “Mario Teguh Golden Ways”. It somekind of live program that give you a self motivation to do right thing and never do wrong thing. It is also teach you how to manage yourself and the other people surrounds you. The topic today is about “Is hard to say i am sorry”. Well its look ridiculous, because in my point of view the indonesian people can easily say sorry when makes a mistake. Maybe the speaker (Mr. Mario Teguh) live in such a great society that always use the good manners and respect the other, like Jakarta or Jakarta-related city.

In my opinion it is not hard to say iam sorry, because our mouth used to say anything without confirmation with the brain. That makes indonesia become popular around the world. But nowadays people only talk with their mouth without act according to their words. They say sorry many times but they still repeat their mistake, and it is happens almost everyday. I think as a human we will always make mistakes, but it is not how many times you say you’re sorry but is depend on your act to compensate your mistake.

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

Yesterday i was watching a great movie. The title is “Journey to the center of the earth”. Of course, the movie’s story is about three human characters having a journey to the center of the earth. I was surprised that the center of the earth is filled with amazing stuff such as glowing birds, t-rex, human-eating plant, nessie, and also dog-sized piranha. There is also a beautiful ocean and desert, same as in the surface of the earth.

Now i will tell you about the way to go to the center of the earth. First, go to the mountain located somewhere in iceland, near to the volcanologic lab. Enter the cave, find an old  mine then ride the coal-cart until you crashed the end wall. You will find a wall filled with diamond, dont forget to pick up some. You will not notice that you are walking on the thin glass -surkovitch or something. Break the glass, and you will go down into the center of the earth.

Its sound easy huh.. Dont ask me how to get out from there, just watch the entire movie and you will know the answer.

Testing software with CUnit

Today i make a new software using c language. After a very boring day, i am successfully finished it. My supervisor tell me to check the software, but i dont know how to do that. So, i asked my deskmate. His name is Winnu. He is a programmer just like me. He tell me to use unit testing framework. I am confused to choose a lot of framework, so he suggest me to use CUnit. What the hell is CUnit? I will explain to you guys, so listen carefully..

CUnit is a lightweight system for writing, administering, and running unit tests in C.  It provides C programmers a basic testing functionality with a flexible variety of user interfaces. If you still dont understand about that, just RTFM. Basically just copy the source code and modify it somehow until you find some linecode to insert your software’s function. Compiled it and you will find a report with user friendly interface. Thats all man. Wew sorry, its simple to use but its really difficult to tell, especially using english.

You can learn all about CUnit in their website.

I think this theme is awesome : prologue

I think this theme is awesome : prologue