About Imelwa

So what the hell is imelwa. Is it somekind of food, serial-killer, or hard-rock indie label band? According to this website, imelwa come from Setswana language. Its meaning is some kind of “burden”. For your information, Tswana (Setswana) is a Bantu language written in the Latin Alphabet. Tswana is the national and majority language of Botswana, whose people are the Batswana (singular Motswana). So, is there any relationship between me and botswana’s girl? It is absolutely no!

The word imelwa just came into my head when i was young talented student. In my campus, the students must to have an email to deliver information between them. Altough i am already have email address on plaza.com and telkom.net but i think i need to use a global email address such as yahoo. So for the first time, i decide to use simple and ear-catching name : imelwa. Imelwa stands for imel-wahyu (imel is indonesian pronounciation of email). Maybe its look very “girly”, but i enjoyed using imelwa as my identity. Lately my friend also call me imelwa, and moreover some of them do not know my surename??


About imelwa

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