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NetBeans IDE 6.7 has been released

Good news for programmer around the world, NetBeans IDE 6.7 has been released. For someone who never heard about this stuff, NetBeans IDE is an integrated development environment consists of an open-source IDE and an application platform that enable developers to rapidly create web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications. Taken from their official release information,

NetBeans IDE 6.7 is integrated with Project Kenai, a collaborative environment for developers to host open-source projects. With Kenai and the NetBeans IDE, a team of developers is able to create projects, check out, edit, debug, build, discuss, and commit code, all through one easy-to-use interface!
The release also builds on the success of NetBeans 6.5 with native support for Maven; GlassFish, issue tracker and Hudson integrations; and enhancements to Java, PHP, Ruby, Groovy and C/C++. Highlights of the 6.7 release include support for JavaScript 1.7, Ruby Remote Debugging, and integration of the Java ME SDK 3.0.

Well, maybe you are already know about NetBeans, but what is Project Kenai anyway. According to their official website, Project Kenai is onramp for the developer cloud experience of tomorrow, where you can host your open source projects and code, as well as find and collaborate with developers of like mind.


Unexpected Error(336)

Today i start my computer and open microsoft word application as usual. Unfortunately, there is some error occured: Component not correctly registered, Unexpected Error(336). All of my office application print out same error. I decide to search about this error in google, and i find that there is a lot of user have same problem. I think unexpected error 336 happens because of missing registry in microsoft visual basic application. I try to reinstall the application, but it doesnt make any different. Then i also try to reinstall all of my office application, but the error still occur. Someone give an advice to use a clean-fix-register-thing application, but i refuse it. In my opinion that application only fix or delete unwanted registry, that can be harm my computer. The last option is to reinstall the operating system or checkout the restore point. Well, how about my work? My files? There must be something else..
After more-than-a-hour googling i found something that might work. Thanks to microsoft.public.excel.programming google groups for give me an excellent solution. It is simple, so i will let all of you know :

> Component not correctly registered
> then
> unexpected error (336)
> The program toolbar is then not added.
> Please help.
> I need some suggestions

reinstall visual basic runtime 6

well, what the different between reinstall VB runtime or reinstall all of VB apps? I dont really care, just go to ‘Microsoft Help and Support’ page to download the visual basic runtime files, install it, and walla..

It Works~~

Back to work

Today i am officially back to work. Back to blog.