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celebrate one year blogging

A little bit late, but at 8 august 2009 my blog is already one year old. Move backwards, a tragic event swept out all of my recent blog on July 2008. I did not even made any backup for all of my archives in my late server, that make me realize to make a new blog in a reliable server. So i started using wordpress for my new blog, and after a year i think it is not bad at all (instead of limited theme, of course). The last, one year is a short time period so i feel sorry if there is a lot of mistake in my post, especially in my english :D. Many advice and criticism are needed to improve my blog, feel free to leave comment in each post.

thank you.
Wish all the Muslims a Blessed Ramadhan


first day in Ramadhan

today is Ramadhan, so is tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. I feel really excited to attend my first Taraweh in this year in salman, a mosque near my campus. The speaker today is Dr. Ir. H. Ahmad Nuruddin, the leader of YPM Salman ITB. The topic is about how to build an Islamic information society in Indonesia. Sorry, but no picture today because i am really focused on my pray.