PALAPA : past, recent, and the future

I remember the first time i heard about PALAPA. Starting from the design traditions of project by every generation. At that time, the status of 2005 which is still the youngest in Electrical Engineering, inspired by what has been done by the Iskandar Alisjahbana which brings many benefits to society. Palapa team determined to do the same.Through the process of brainstorming and literature studies, decided that they would hold the development of electricity networks with a specialization-scale hydroelectric pikohidro. Pikohidro own scale related to the amount of kW produced under 10 kW. Recently PALAPA has now developed into a technology that can not be underestimated. PALAPA will compete with 15 other finalists in The 2010 IEEE Presidents’ Change the World Competition. Taken from their official website :

PALAPA : Development of an Energy, Economy and Health Independent Region in Indonesia

Team Members

Mohammad Ikhsan (lead); Ramadhani Wahono; Giri Kuncoro; Ferdaus Ario Nurman

It was the generosity, the kindness, and the spirit from one man that sparked the beginning of this unforgettable journey. This man, the man we called Pak (Mr.) Mamo, sold noodles in our campus. Everyday, he would come to our student organization with the weight of his stove, ingredients, and, of course his noodles, all, carried on his shoulder. But, everyday he would come with his spirit and his smile. It was Pak Mamo who showed us that outside our campus wall, there were still thousands of villages who did not enjoy the basic infrastructures as those in our city. A two hour drive followed by two more hours on foot took us to his village in Garut, Indonesia. A village whose children still slept by candle light at night, whose sick had to travel the whole four hours to get proper health care, and did not have proper access to books and educational facility.

After our first visit there, we were determined to return for another visit. Next time, we would bring a change in the form of our project, PALAPA. Our project focused on solving the problems that many villages faced in Indonesia, poor infrastructures that include electricity, health care, sanitation and education. Overall, these problems affected the general welfare of the village and in Pak Mamo’s village the welfare was very low. Through the implementation of multiple engineering disciplines, we were determined to increase the welfare of the village and the region around it.


Bandung Institute of Technology

In the future i hope PALAPA will be able to inspire other students to perform community development which will be useful for developing our country. At last, congratulation for Bang Mamo, the first noodle seller that enter IEEE site 😛

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