Formspring mau tutup :(

Mungkin ada yang belon tau, formspring itu social media buat nanya-nanya apa aja. Susah dijelasin sih pokoknya gitu deh, dulu sempet ikut daftar biar bisa nanya-nanya orang ga jelas tapi sekarang dah ga ngikutin lagi, tiba-tiba baca berita sbb :

Formspring is shutting down

Formspring launched in November 2009 as a unique way for people to have engaging conversations about anything. Eventually reaching over 30 million registered users and 4 billion posts, Formspring grew beyond my wildest dreams to become an important part of how people interact online.

I’m grateful to each of you that helped make the site better by asking questions and posting responses. None of this would have been possible without you. Through the community you created, we’ve met new people, strengthened relationships, opened our minds to different points of view, and made each other smile.

Unfortunately, and with great sadness, I must announce that Formspring is shutting down. While we’ve had great success in reaching a broad audience, it’s been challenging to sustain the resources needed to keep the lights on.

Sunday, March 31st will be the last day you’ll be able to ask questions or post content on Formspring. You’ll be able to export your responses from now through Monday, April 15th, after which the site and apps will go offline, and any content will be permanently deleted.

You can export the responses you’ve posted by following these steps:

  1. Log into your account and visit
  2. Click the export button
  3. When your export is ready you’ll receive an email
  4. Visit again to download a zip file with your data

Thanks again for all the smiles.

Ade Olonoh, Founder and CEO.


Yah sedih bgt satu lagi wadah socmed yang menurut saya cukup unik harus tutup buku. Ya sepertinya cukup jelas bahwa jumlah pengguna tidak serta merta mencerminkan kesejahteraan socmed itu sendiri, bolehjadi tujuan mulia jaman sekarang harus diikuti oleh bisnis model yang masuk akal. Goodbye FS (sepertinya nasib socmed dengan inisial FS selalu bernasib buruk).


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