The day when I came to your house

Actually it was the first of this year, fourth since you moved uptown. 18 January 2014, Saturday evening i visited your house . As usual it was not well prepared, heavy rain all day but i had to go through. My newly bought jacket could protect me from super cold temperature, but not from my own nervousness. Butterflies danced in my stomach, but the show must go on. I rang the bell, your parents opened the door, small welcomed conversation, and then you appeared.

Black outdoor trouser, grey long sleeved “nyan” shirt, purple veil with necklace-like accessories, simple yet beautiful as always. The atmosphere was fun and lively, not to mention the martabaks and a cup of tea, it was wonderful wkwkwk.  Your brother always had something to tell, from global warming issue to biker gang that terrorized students in his campus. Helmi Yahya also extends our knowledge, that baubau and wangiwangi located in the same province, and Jet lee now a Singapore residence. Forgive me for being overexcited, but i can’t pretend to become someone else. I enjoyed every minute i had there.  Thank you for everything. Ah, and also the 3rd season one, glad Moriarty will be coming back, wkwkwk

Can’t wait for another invitation #code.



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