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Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

Yesterday i was watching a great movie. The title is “Journey to the center of the earth”. Of course, the movie’s story is about three human characters having a journey to the center of the earth. I was surprised that the center of the earth is filled with amazing stuff such as glowing birds, t-rex, human-eating plant, nessie, and also dog-sized piranha. There is also a beautiful ocean and desert, same as in the surface of the earth.

Now i will tell you about the way to go to the center of the earth. First, go to the mountain located somewhere in iceland, near to the volcanologic lab. Enter the cave, find an old  mine then ride the coal-cart until you crashed the end wall. You will find a wall filled with diamond, dont forget to pick up some. You will not notice that you are walking on the thin glass -surkovitch or something. Break the glass, and you will go down into the center of the earth.

Its sound easy huh.. Dont ask me how to get out from there, just watch the entire movie and you will know the answer.