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Is hard to say i am sorry

I seldom watching television, but today i find an exciting program called “Mario Teguh Golden Ways”. It somekind of live program that give you a self motivation to do right thing and never do wrong thing. It is also teach you how to manage yourself and the other people surrounds you. The topic today is about “Is hard to say i am sorry”. Well its look ridiculous, because in my point of view the indonesian people can easily say sorry when makes a mistake. Maybe the speaker (Mr. Mario Teguh) live in such a great society that always use the good manners and respect the other, like Jakarta or Jakarta-related city.

In my opinion it is not hard to say iam sorry, because our mouth used to say anything without confirmation with the brain. That makes indonesia become popular around the world. But nowadays people only talk with their mouth without act according to their words. They say sorry many times but they still repeat their mistake, and it is happens almost everyday. I think as a human we will always make mistakes, but it is not how many times you say you’re sorry but is depend on your act to compensate your mistake.