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Ubuntu is Beautiful

After 3 days working on ubuntu, now i realize that ubuntu is very beautiful. Firstable the instalation is very simple. It just like microsoft windows, just click-and-go. Moreover the application can be downloaded easily using synaptic packet manager. For the first day i customized my ubuntu appearance using MAC OS theme from


and installed some audio player for some amusement purpose. The second day the programming application was succesfully installed, and the last day i’d figured out how to install microsoft windows using vmware server. I think i will continue using ubuntu because it is really exciting. I am ubuntu, how about you?


My new Ubuntu

Hello, i am wahyu..

and now i am officially using Ubuntu xD

At the first time, it is very difficult for a MS-windows user like me to adapt, but somehow i can make it. Thanks to my deskmate Septiaji thats really help me setting up my computer, especially with “msttcorefonts” problems.